Saturday, June 06, 2009

Video of Joe's Interview on "Hannity" (Fox News)

On June 5, Joe appeared on "Hannity" (Fox News) as part of the Great American Panel with Fox News Legal Analyst Peter Johnson, Jr. and Republican Tennessee Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn.

Watch Part One of the Interview

Watch Part Two of the Interview


Blogger MickeyWhite said...

Marsha Blackburn is my Congressman.
She is no conservative.
See her unconstitutional votes at :

Fiscal 2003 Omnibus Appropriations.The final version (conference report) of House Joint Resolution 2 would provide $397 billion in fiscal 2003 for all Cabinet departments and government agencies covered in 11 unfinished spending bills from the 107th Congress. The bills included are: Agriculture, Commerce-Justice-State, District of Columbia, Energy and Water Development, Foreign Operations, Interior, Labor-HHS-Education, Legislative Branch, Transportation, Treasury-Postal Service, and VA-HUD. The problem with the omnibus approach is that thousands of unconstitutional activities are lumped together with legitimate legislation in one massive bill.Thus, big government is perpetuated with a minimum of accountability. The House adopted the conference report on H. J. Res. 2 on February 13, 2003 by a vote of 338 to 83 (Roll Call 32). Marsha Blackburn Voted FOR this bill. 108-1 (Source: The New American, July 14, 2003)

12:59 PM  
Blogger MerleChloe said...

You done good!! :D

1:35 AM  

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